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The Commercial Refrigeration Company That Can’t Be Beat

From the day we set up shop, Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. has made it our mission to provide top-quality commercial refrigeration equipment, sales, and repair to business owners in the Benton, Hot Springs and Little Rock region. Unlike general HVAC contractors who over promise and under deliver on commercial refrigerators, we have the skills and know-how to handle any large-scale refrigeration job.

Trust the Commercial Refrigerator Specialists

Whether you’re a restaurant owner trying to make your restaurant a safe place for customers to eat or a hospital that needs to keep organs cold before transplant surgeries, commercial refrigeration isn’t something you can overlook. This incredible technology has changed America for the better, disrupted dozens of industries, and saved hundreds of thousands of lives. That’s why when you’re having trouble with your current commercial refrigeration equipment, or you need to purchase new models, Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. is the company you need to call.

While the other guys may be able to handle your residential refrigeration needs, your business and your livelihood depend on your commercial fridge. It’s crucial you turn to the experts.

The sales team and technicians at Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. aren’t jacks and jills of all trades. We’re specialists, not generalists, and we’re proud of that fact. We do one thing, and heck, we do it well!

Refrigeration Contractors for all Types of Industries

Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. works with clients all over the area of Benton, Hot Springs and Little Rock to keep their businesses functioning as they should be. Most of our clients work in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare and veterinary, with or without surgery departments
  • Food service and catering
  • Storage companies, warehouses, and fulfillment companies handling temperature-sensitive goods
  • Businesses needing temperature control in their elevator motor rooms
  • Grocery stores and retail outlets handling beer, wine, and perishable goods
  • On-the-go refrigeration and long-distance temperature-controlled hauling and trucking

For whatever reason you require commercial refrigeration, we’re the number in Little Rock to call.

The Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. Difference

We didn’t start out in the commercial refrigeration industry to make a quick buck. Instead, we founded our company based on our core values: excellent service, problem-solving, honesty, transparency, and forming relationships with customers.

We’re community-minded, and we build up local organizations in our area in addition to forming strong bonds with our regular clients. When you deal with us, you’ll never have to deal with a robot at the other end of the line but will always be greeted by a friendly ‘hello!’ We know most of our clients on a first-name basis, and if you give us a call, we’ll be happy to get to know you and how we can meet your needs.

The best part? We pair this friendly attitude with world-class refrigeration expertise. We walk the walk. No matter how large your company is or how widespread the damage to your current commercial refrigeration setup, we’ll spend the time and energy required to assess your issues, come up with a plan, discuss it with you in person, and then bring it to life—on time and on budget.

To learn more about what makes Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. different from the other refrigeration and HVAC companies in Little Rock, call us today!

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