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Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. HVAC Services

Commercial Refrigeration

We offer a full range of commercial refrigeration services.

Commercial Refrigeration For Every Business in Benton, Hot Springs and Little Rock

When your walk-in fridge or freezer breaks down, your business is on the line. If you work in the healthcare industry and your fridge fails, lives could be at stake. If your business is a fulfillment center for dangerous goods and your storage room isn’t holding temp correctly, the health and safety of your employees could be in jeopardy. Which is why you can’t trust just about anyone to do the job right when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. is the undisputed master of commercial refrigeration sales, repair, and equipment in the Little Rock area. We provide, repair, maintain and fix full commercial refrigerator units as well as constituent parts.

Refrigeration For Your Business Needs

Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co. handles all sorts of commercial refrigeration jobs. No matter whether you need a fridge that’s 20 square feet or 200 square feet, we have a solution for you. Just call, and one of our expert technicians will pick up and assess what we can do for you.

We Have Experience Providing and Maintaining The Following Systems:

  • Medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigerators, including warehouse fridges, walk-in fridges and walk-in freezers for food service industry businesses, temperature-controlled storage for fulfillment companies and beverage rackhouses
  • Refrigerated display cases for the food and produce retail industry, beverage vendors, and agribusiness
  • Glycol systems for heavy-duty freezing and the healthcare and medical sectors
  • Refrigeration loops for existing or new commercial refrigeration setups
  • Refrigeration loops for refrigerated delivery trucks for short-haul and long-haul logistics
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Novar Certified
  • 15+ Years’ Experience with Control Systems, Danfoss, and CPC.
  • Walk In Freezers Service
  • Walk In Coolers Service

After all, it doesn’t matter what service or goods you’re providing—so long as those products stay adequately chilled!

Quality You Can Depend On

When your refrigeration unit breaks down, you only have minutes to act before your products start to spoil or your reach unsafe temperatures. That’s why it’s crucial you have the number of a commercial refrigeration company you can depend on. Go ahead and save Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co.’s number in your cell phone—that way, we’ll be only a phone call away when you need us the most.

We pride ourselves on being the best and most efficient commercial refrigeration firm in all of Arkansas. We’ve been providing excellent quality service in Little Rock since the day we started our business, and we hope to be lucky enough to keep doing what it is we do for years to come.

Call Us Today for a Free Assessment

Are you wondering if your current refrigeration setup is ideal? Did you recently install a new unit but have already detected troubling coolant loss or hot pockets where the temperature isn’t consistent?

Call Arkansas Commercial Refrigeration Co., and one of our staff will be happy to listen to the problem and do what we can to troubleshoot it. We’ll give you an estimate over the phone. There’s no obligation for you to follow up, so there’s no risk in calling! However, if you do decide to partner with us, we guarantee you that leaky walk-ins and poor exhaust will be relics of the past. Call us today to learn more!

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